Rua Raimundo Chaves, 2182 - 5º andar
Candelária, Natal
Rio Grande do Norte, Brasil
CEP: 59064-390
Telefone: +55 (84) 3344-7100
Fax:         +55 (84) 3344-7105

Travessa Sete de Setembro, 111 A
Centro, Jucurutu
Rio Grande do Norte, Brasil
CEP: 59330-000

Mina do Bonito - Jucurutu
Sítio Bonito, S/N
Zona Rural, Jucurutu
Rio Grande do Norte, Brasil
CEP: 59330-000

Rodovia KM 319, 790, S/N
Margem da Ferrovia LTNR
Sítio Belo Horizonte, Juazeirinho
Paraíba, Brasil
CEP: 58660-000
Telefone: +55 (83) 3382-1763

Avenida Portuária, S/N
Porto de Suape - Ipojuca
Pernambuco, Brasil
CEP: 55590-000
Telefone: +55 (81) 3527-4110

São Paulo
Rua Jerônimo da Veiga, 45 – 16º Andar
Itaim Bibi – São Paulo
São Paulo, Brasil
CEP: 04536-000
Telefone: +55 (11) 3167-2202

Our Strategies

We aim at becoming a player with a scale which enables us to serve the international iron ore market. In order for this to occur, we intend to implement our strategy in two phases, so as to maximize our competitive advantage:

• First Phase:

Implement the 1.2 million ton a year Pellet Feed pilot production plant

To conclude a research program in the areas that are the object of research licenses issued by the DNPM.

To concentrate our iron ore supply on Asia.

• Second Phase:

To increase our Pellet Feed production to 12 million tons a year.

To implement our new logistics with improved efficiency and reduced operational costs.

To establish and operate a new bulk terminal in Suape.

To carry on with the soundings, define process routes and confirm new resources so as to increase our production.

Long-term additional projects aimed at adding value a